Painting with special Material

Working on big Puzzle

Creating with blocks

Castle I built~

Building Houses

Found a beautiful butterfly~

Butterfly taking a rest

Street artists on the work !!

Climb, Climb on to the top!

Painting the Mask I made.

Making round shape crayons

Tara~ the crayon we made!!

An Angel and a Dragon at the dramatic play area.

Two determined artists at work !

The birth of a "Master piece"

Spatial activity - Quack Quack!

I feel like coloring the world today !! Color Away~

This is how you dye coffee filter.

Training on our fine motor skill!

Garden Coffee Shop is now OPEN!!

Yoga time ~

This is how you Flip!

Do like me Children !!

You climb first, I will go next!!

Choo Choo~~ we are working on the railroad !!

Water play is so much fun !!

Filter dye is in process!!

The Colors we mixed on our own !!

Mm mm~ Banana Bread !!

Making play dough each week is so much fun !!

Teacher Miha preparing craft .

Juice and Tea and everything else on SALE !!